I’ve found that giving myself a specific theme to think about when I’m gathering inspiration helps – otherwise there are just too many ideas and options. I thought that for the rest of the year I would give myself a different theme each month and share what I do, so that if you would like to join in as well you can.

I’ve chosen skies for the first theme. This was partly because when I was thinking of ideas I didn’t know how many restrictions would still be in place due to COVID-19, so I wanted to choose something that I (and anyone else joining me) would be able to see relatively easily. I also love the variation in skies and enjoy trying to capture them in felt.


I’m planning to both collect photos and sketches of skies for the rest of the month, and also go back through my collection of inspiration photos to find relevant images. During the last week of July I am planning to spend some time making sketches and samples. I will put the results up on this blog and on my Facebook page, so it would be great if you can add your contributions too.

Week 1: Sunsets

Skies can be particularly beautiful at sunset (and sunrise, but I’m rarely out that early!). My husband Luke is a photographer and does some landscape photography, so he is often out at sunrise or sunset. Going through some old images I was struck by how different the images are, depending on the clouds and what stage of sunset it was. It’s a nice challenge when I’m felting to really look at all the colours in the sky – blues, greys, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges.




Top: ‘Snow on the Wolds 1’

Left: Loch Awe, Scotland

Below top row: sunsets near Wintringham, North Yorkshire

Below bottom row from left: reflection on water (Sweethope Loughs, Northumberland); Coniston Water, Lake District; from my back garden looking towards Wensleydale, North Yorkshire

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