Creating pictures video series

I am running a three-part video series looking at how I create my wool felt and embroidery pictures. Have a look to find out more about my process and to get ideas for creating your own pieces.

The videos first appeared on Facebook as Facebook Live videos.

Part 1: Developing the Idea

This video looks at developing the idea from the original photograph through to choosing colours.


(35 minutes long)

The original photograph (taken in the Scottish Borders in November 2015) that was the starting point.

A summary of the first session is available as a PDF download: Creating Pictures Video Series Session 1.

Part 2: Wet Felting

This video looks at the wet felting part of the process.

(41 minutes long)

Click here for the suppliers page mentioned in the video.

Part 3: Embroidery and Finishing

This video looks at adding embroidery and needle felting to the picture

(29 minutes long)

The finished picture


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